LOL 6/8/17

My neighbors enjoy river rafting.  I enjoy taking photos in their yard. Their Buddha and flowers star in some of my portraits.

They have a vehicle that has petroglyph style decals.  I laughed today when I noticed a couple of decals that may be new (or I just noticed) and got a kick out of. One of my photos turned out clear and the other is so so. I have pretty petunias and decided to add pollen shots to my neighbors’ cute statements. They have a cat.
lurking in the yard
o mighty hunter of moths
here kitty kitty
~ Raven Ariana Simons ©2017

I imagine this represents those occasional moments when rafting.
moving with paddles
then river takes you away
heartbeat thundering
~ Raven Ariana Simons ©2017
Bright Petunia Pollen Blessings, Namaste, Namu Amida Butsu
Our hearts give thanks for the Grace in the Universe!
~ Raven