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2 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Hello, I’m turning my mason bee hobby into a small business. I was hoping we could use some of your mason bee pictures on our web site. Will give you full credit on your pic(s) . Hope you can help us out and looking forward to your response. 4515-orchard-bee-leaf-sig.jpg and other mason bee picks.

    Thank you

    Rick Brown

    • Hi Rick, My apologies for the tardy reply as I have been offline and my computer is dying. It would be lovely to have an exchange with you and perhaps you could help me with the mason bees for use of the photos? The bees in my photo self nest and I’d love to branch out and actually set up intentional habit. When are good times to chat via the number you’ve shared? I would want you to add copyright info and used with permission along with photo credit. Thank you,

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