Technical Difficulties Continue 12-7-16


Hi Friends,
I’m working on remaining positive as my technical gremlins keep me mostly off-line.  My apologies to those of you who have written and I wasn’t able to  respond until today.  I do ask for your prayers in overcoming the problems that have kept me away from the various volunteer pollinator and earth activism activities that I have been involved with, including this blog. I have not been using Facebook for some time and saving what life is left in my system for living essentials, like checking the weather for my bees.

My work needs my photos, a viable computer, and access to these years of daily photos in order to to be of service.  Currently I am working on a dying Mac (though it served me well for a long time) and a drive where  my photos lived that is now corrupt.  The photos should have lived elsewhere (and I thought they did), but mistakes were made, as happens in life.

If you are so inclined, whatever your faith or personal spirituality, prayers to Spirit/Grace (whatever you call Creator) that the means become available for the system replacement and data retrieval (and that this be possible).  I do believe in miracles and Angels as fact, not just faith, because I’ve witnessed them for myself.

Thank you all for  your spiritual support, kindness, compassion, and caring.  I hope to be viable once more and be able to get back to my daily posting and visual documentation of the changing world around where I live.

Bright Bee Blessings, Butterfly Kisses, Hugs and Love,

Our Hearts Give Thanks For the Grace in the Universe!


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