Moss Roses and Honeybees (10/7/15)

10:7:15 mossrose4 sig“Even if, at the moment, you can’t sit down and do the gruntwork of stringing verbs and nouns together, you are writing. It is a way of seeing, a way of being. The world is not only the world, but your personal filing cabinet. You lodge details of the world in your sparkling nerve-library that spirals through your brain and coils down your arms and legs, collects in your belly and your sex. You write, even if you can’t always “write.”
However, writers write. Active, not passive.”
Luis Alberto Urrea, Six Kinds of Sky: A Collection of Short Fiction  via Goodreads
10:7:15 mossrose3 sig
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 – Today was sunny and I am happy to share these photos of moss roses and a couple of honeybees taking a drink at the little feature I have to share water with the wildlife (and some of the neighbors’ wandering pets) that visit my place.  Day 7 of OcPoWriMo’s prompt is here and it asks us to consider a decision that we have made that we are happy with as we travel this road of life and come to a fork in the road.  One of my happy decisions was to extend the daily photo project that I began in January of 2012 longer than a year.  This has lead me to writing more words and exploring poetry when I found October Poetry Writing Month last year.  Yay!
10:7:15 mossrose1 sig 10:7:15 hb sig “pollen paths for bees
beauty and color in fall
for all to enjoy”
~ Raven Ariana Simons
10:7:15 mossrose sig “One of the curanderas in Cuernavaca told me, “If you do not want to join us in Teresita’s work, then you must heal in the power of your own medicine.  You must heal them with words.  Literature is medicine too.”
~ Luis Alberto Urrea from a reading group guide about writing (in the book) “A Hummingbird’s Daughter”
10:7:15 mossrose2 sig“honeybees drinking
moss roses soaking up sun
a bright autumn day”
~ Raven Ariana Simons
10:7:15 hb1 sigNamaste, Bright Blessings, Namu Amida Butsu ~ Raven


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