Fall Flower Color 10/6/14

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”
~ Lauren DeStefano
10:6:14 nice side sigFlashback Saturday, October 6, 2012 – This is my pick photo for today and it stars a stone lantern and perennial grasses at sunset in the International Peace Gardens 🙂
October 6, 2012 sigFlashback Sunday, October 6, 2013 – This is my pick photo for today and it stars a honeybee sipping nectar on my neighbor’s asters 🙂 Love how you can see the honeybee’s eyelashes!
October 6, 2013 sigMonday, October 6, 2014 – Another gorgeous day and the flower colors are intense.  It’s been very interesting comparing the three years of photos since January and seeing some of the same subjects like the purple asters. Today is day six of the month long poetry challenge.
10:6:14 pretty sig 10:6:14 pink z sig 10:6:14 golden aster bee 1 sig 10:6:14 pink sig“fall flower color
glorious petals shimmer
transient beauty”
~ Raven Ariana Simons
10:6:14 a golden aster bee sig 10:6:14 red z sig 10:6:14 nice side hb sig 10:6:14 red center sig“little honeybee
you are so fuzzy wuzzy
though you’re not a bear ”
~ Raven Ariana Simons
10:6:14 fuzzy sigOur hearts give thanks for the Grace in the Universe!
Bright Bee Blessings and Namaste ~ Raven


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