Happy Valentine’s Day 2/14/14

Flashback Tuesday, February 14, 2012 – Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! This is my pick photo of the day and I call it Our Hearts Burn with Love At Sunset. I love this picture because it looks like the sun is igniting this heart shaped leaf of ivy.

February 14, 2012 sigFlashback Thursday, February 14, 2013 – This is my pick photo for today and it stars a Valentine for my sweetheart, hubby.

February 14, 2013 sigFriday, February 14, 2014 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Only Breath

Not Christian or Jew or Muslim,
not Hindu, Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion or cultural system.

I am not from the East or the West,
not out of the ocean
or up from the ground,
not natural or etheral,
not composed of elements at all.

I do not exist,
am not an entity in this world
or the next,
did not decend from Adam or Eve
or any origin story.

My place is placeless,
a trace of the traceless.

Neither body or soul.

I belong to the beloved,
have seen the two worlds as one
and that one call to and know,
first, last, outer, inner,
only that breath breathing human being.
~ Rumi (From The Essential Rumi – translated by Coleman Barks)

2:14:14 starling 1 sig2:14:14 starling sig2:14:14 robin sig2:14:14 ducks sig

When I am with you, we stay up all night,
When you’re not here, I cant get to sleep.
Praise God for these two insomnias!
And the difference between them.
~ Rumi (From The Essential Rumi – translated by Coleman Barks)

Our hearts give thanks for the Grace in the Universe!
Namaste ~ Raven


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