The Traveling Perfume for Peace Visits Salt Lake City 1/8/14

Flashback 2012 – This icicle stalagmite is formed where the faucet is left to drip to provide drinking water for the birds. The photo is taken out of a basement window. While not today’s prettiest picture it is certainly interesting and unusual. Sunday, January 8th

january 8 2012 signatureFlashback 2013 – This is my pick photo for today and it stars sunflowers in my backyard with blue skies.  Tuesday, January 8th

january 8, 2013 signature2014 – Today is Wednesday and we’ve been having snow.  I took out the bottle for the Traveling Perfume of Peace to add some freshly falling snow and take photos of it around the neighborhood.  Here it is with some of my neighbor’s bees (one hive out of several).

1:8:14 hive with atlas cedar signatureHere’s a close up with the weeping Atlas cedar (a favorite neighborhood tree) seen trailing above.

1:8:14 close up atlas peace bottle signatureI also found these lovely snowflakes here, too.

1:8:14 one snowflake signatureWe visited with my YoMama Hive where Queen Bee’atrice Nefertiti lives.  I put my ear to the hive and could hear them still alive inside.

1:8:14 snowing hive v signature 1:8:14 bottle w:shell signature

My neighborhood tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit with my neighbors’ Buddha (a personal favorite of mine to photograph).

1:8:14 buddha signature 1:8:14 buddha front v signature

The seeds for the Traveling Perfume for Peace project were planted in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, USA when a Peace Vase from the Peace Vase Project washed ashore there and was then buried at a cross-roads by my friend, Monica Miller, who is an herbalist, beekeeper and perfumer.  When she buried the vase and prayed for peace her world fell apart and thus began an adventure.  Read more about it here.

After visiting other parts of the world the bottle made its way to me in Salt Lake City where I am adding my prayers, herbs, spells, and sacred water.  Each participant adds their prayers and specific magick of place that can be in the form of water (dew, spring water, rain, snow, etc.), honey, essential oils, precious/semi precious stones, herbs and other magical items.  Today freshly fallen snow was added.

1:8:14 bottle light snow signatureI’ve been praying since it arrived and will also be adding other magical ingredients to this powerful potion.  Peace has been on my mind and in my heart.  When asked recently, “What is peace?” My short answer was,”Peace is resting in the knowledge that we are all connected to each other and every being that shares this beautiful planet, our Mother Earth, while doing my very best to cultivate kindness and help my fellow beings.  What does peace mean to you?”

The long answer is actually that we need to come to the true knowledge that the fate of each creature on this planet is intimately connected to each and every one of us.  No single entity can live by themselves.  What we need to know, as humans, on a bone deep level is that what we do to another (including other creatures) we do ourselves.

1:8:14 snowflake rose 1 signature“Throughout the day, put the teachings into practice. In the evening examine what you have done, said, and thought during the day. Whatever was positive, dedicate the merit to all beings and vow to improve on it the next day. Whatever was negative, confess and promise to repair it. In this way, the best practitioners progress from day to day, the middling practitioners from month to month, and the least capable from year to year.

~HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Namaste ~ Raven

Our hearts give thanks for the Grace in the Universe!


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