Small Snow Pretty Sunset ~ 2/8/13 and 2/9/13

It’s Saturday morning and we have had a winter storm warning in effect since about noon yesterday.  So far in the Salt Lake Valley our snow has been very brief.  It did come down furiously for a small time yesterday in the mid afternoon, melting as soon as it fell.

2:8:13 buddha 2:8:13 snow

I had hoped to get some snowflake pictures but the snow melted too quickly.  I was happy I got right out when it started coming down as it didn’t last long.

2:8:13 aspen snow

When it started snowing I didn’t think I’d make it out on my walk even though it stopped quickly.  I was contemplating this when I heard a ruckus in by backyard.  When I went out back I saw a squirrel scolding a bird.  This squirrel had an audience of small birds (house finches, juncos, sparrows, and chickadees).  I also noticed a Downey woodpecker.  It was very dark from the clouds but I was able to get a few of pictures in the dim light.


chickadee on 2/8/13

squirrel on 2/8/13

squirrel on 2/8/13

I wasn’t sure what kind of bird the squirrel was carrying on at and at first I thought it might be an owl.  It was up in the maple tree that overhangs my garage from my neighbor’s yard.  I finally figured out that it was a flicker.  I didn’t get any good photos of it that are recognizable.  The Downey woodpecker hung around for awhile looking for food in the bark of the maple.

Downey woodpecker on 2/8/13.

Downey woodpecker on 2/8/13.

Since the snow stopped so quickly I was able to get out for my walk.

Wasatch Mountains 2/8/13

Wasatch Mountains 2/8/13

I didn’t see any dog or cat friends but I did visit the lichen rock and also got a photo of ornamental grass with water droplets.

2:8:13 droplets 2:8:13 lichen rock
When I got home it was getting close to sunset and I had a chance to get a few pictures before I had to leave.  I didn’t actually get home again until very late and I was too tired to put together a post before morning.  I will be heading out soon and will be in and out the rest of the weekend which will make it a little more challenging to get my daily pictures.

Oquirrh Mountains 2/8/13

Oquirrh Mountains 2/8/13

I was happy to get these sunset photos and saw the sunset get progressively more beautiful as I was heading to my destination.

2:8:13 view 1 2:8:13 view

I am closing by continuing my prayers for everyone in the east that has been hit by winter storm Nemo.

Our hearts give thanks for the Grace in the Universe!


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